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About Roundtrip

We started Roundtrip in 2019 to work on data infrastructure for the future of smart cities. We built software and shaped standards to help cities understand and affect how people and goods move through our streets. With COVID-19, we refocused our efforts towards local commerce and last-mile deliveries.

We started by building Shopify apps to help local businesses schedule orders and plan deliveries. We learned a lot, iterated quickly, and have since then developed software that helps thousands of local merchants delight their customers.

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Roundtrip helps your delivery business with...

In-store Pickup

Delivery Timeslots

Route Planning

Packing Lists


Customer Notifications

Driver Dispatch

Delivery Assistant


Our Core Values

Customers First

Customer needs and requirements come first. We must understand our customers before we can solve their problems.

Bias For Action

We value speed. We choose action over deliberation. We believe in continuous improvement, and in shipping.

Be Open and Kind

We build trust by communicating openly, working towards the best outcome, and acting consistently with kindness.

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