Supertime by Roundtrip - Delivery Date and Time Picker for Shopify

Collect dates and times for delivery and pickup

Create schedules that work for your business and let customers pick a date and time that works for them with Supertime by Roundtrip.

Supertime by Roundtrip - Delivery Date and Time Picker for Shopify
Save time and avoid hassle

No more manually scheduling a time for delivery with your customers — they can pick a time right from your store cart page.

Control your schedule

Create delivery methods with custom schedules that work for your business. Block off the days that don't.

Always be prepared

Build in the prep-time you need for your deliveries. Create time slots and limit the number of customers that can book them.

Supertime Schedule View

Superpower your Shopify store cart page

Supertime is a simple and powerful Shopify app that gives your customers the ability to pick a date and time for local delivery or in-store pickup, right from your Shopify store cart page.

Give your customers the convenience of picking a date and time that works for them, with the convenient superpowers of creating schedules that works for you and your business.


How Supertime by Roundtrip works

Control your dates and times by setting all the scheduling parameters for your local delivery, pickup and shipping needs. You can set what days of the week you wish to offer deliveries or pickups, set up time slots for customers to choose from, set order limits for those time slots so you're not overrun, blackout dates, prep-time needed for your orders, and more! Supertime adds date and time selectors from your schedule to your store cart page. Your customer can choose their method of delivery and select a date and time for it using an easy-to-use calendar pop-up.

Here's what you get:

  • Works out-of-the-box — Our automatic mode works with all free themes and popular themes from the Shopify Theme Store.
  • Customizable everywhere — Show Supertime in every language/region and in every date/time format.
  • Integrated with your notification templates and calendar — Add dates/times to your customer email templates, order status page, and export to Google Calendar via Zapier.
  • Export to Order Tags and Notes — See date/time information in your Orders page, packing slips and receipts.
  • Smart date/time selectors — Customers can use these to select a delivery method, date and time on your cart page based your availability.
  • Unlimited schedules and time slots — Create as many delivery methods as you need, from local delivery to in-store pickup, and make as many schedules as you need with different dates and time slots for your delivery methods. Get creative!
  • Custom time slots — Create custom time slots of your choosing. Schedule breaks in during your day.
  • Order limits — Set a limit to how many orders you can actually handle - by slot or date.
  • Blackout dates — Use our blackout calendar to block off dates you don't want customers to select, like holidays.
  • Override dates — Add special dates and time slots to your schedule.
  • Cut-off and prep time — Specify how long you need to prepare each order, allowing you to do things like same-day or next-day delivery.
  • Validate Postal Code/Zip Code — Ask your customer to share their postal code or zip code to confirm their eligibility before they can choose and date and time for local delivery.
  • Schedule view — You can view all your orders at a glance, with sortable dates and times.

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Supertime Pro
$ 15
/ month

Superpower your delivery and pickup business with custom schedules and time slots.

  • ✅Schedule view (all orders)
  • ✅Unlimited schedules
  • ✅Unlimited delivery methods
  • ✅Custom time slots
  • ✅Date/time picker on store cart page
  • ✅Blackout dates
  • ✅Customizable text
  • ✅Add date/time to customer emails
  • ✅Override dates and time slots
  • ✅Validate Postal Code/ZIP Code
  • ✅Limit orders per time slot or per day
  • ✅Customize order tags
  • ✅Hide "Powered by Supertime"

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