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Shopify Route Planning Features

Packed with features to make route planning easy

🧾 Use All Your Orders

  • Plan with all your Shopify orders: Not just "Local Delivery" ones.
  • Use orders from outside of Shopify: Add custom stops or import orders using a spreadsheet.
Use All Your Orders

EasyRoutes gives you the flexibility to plan local delivery routes with any kind of order, not just Local Delivery ones. You can deliver pickup orders, stops from outside of Shopify, manually entered orders, and orders from your subscription apps.

Our app is also fully-integrated with Shopify, which means that when you open EasyRoutes from within your Shopify Admin your orders will be right there ready for you to route. No more having to deal with the headache of importing spreadsheets and rectifying orders after delivery. As soon as your driver updates an order status, it will update your orders in Shopify as well.

↔️ Multi-Route Creation

  • Create multiple routes at once: Select the number of routes you need and we'll generate them all in one click.
  • Route groups: View and manage all your generated routes in our Route Groups.
Multi-Route Creation

Select the orders you want to deliver and specify how many routes you would like EasyRoutes to generate for you. If you've got a few drivers, you can create routes for each of them with a single click of a button. Our app automatically optimizes stops to create the most efficient routes. With EasyRoutes you can literally save hours planning your last mile delivery routes.

When your routes are generated, we group them together so you can see them all on one map. With our Route Group View, you can easily drag and drop stops between yours routes as needed, add or remove routes from your group, and quickly assign your routes to drivers. Click on any route to dive in for a closer look.

🚗 Driver Assignment

  • Manually or Auto-Assign: You can assign drivers to routes after you create them, or auto-assign a driver when you generate routes.
  • Driver Self-Assign: Send a dispatch link to your drivers and let them claim their own routes.
Driver Assignment

EasyRoutes makes planning your deliveries ahead of time easy. You can easily auto-assign any of your drivers when creating your routes, or do so afterwards.When you're satisfied with your driver assignments, schedule the routes and share them with your drivers ahead of time. You can also send your drivers a Dispatch Link which allows them to preview routes and assign themselves to it.

Drivers use our EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app (available for both iOS and Android) to open their assigned routes. From the app, they can start the route and navigate to their stops. For each stop, they can view delivery instructions and they can take a photo, capture an e-signature, or add a note as proof of delivery for peace of mind. Any status updates your driver makes from the road will be automatically updated in Shopify as well.

📍 Add Custom Stops

  • Add Manual Stops: Create custom stops without needing to create an order in Shopify.
  • Bulk Order Import: Import multiple orders at once using a spreadsheet (.CSV)
Add Custom Stops

EasyRoutes isn't just limited to orders in Shopify only. You can easily add custom stops in a number of ways. You can add stops individually to a route, or you can bulk import orders using a spreadsheet. EasyRoutes makes it flexible to deliver with any of your orders. Use custom stops to add pickups, breaks, and manual orders from outside of Shopify with ease.

⏱️ Drive Times & ETAs

  • Accurate Drive Times: Get automatically calculated drive times to help you plan your routes.
  • Scheduled & Live ETAs with Time Windows: See and share the latest ETAs or delivery windows with your customers.
Drive Times & ETAs

When you generate routes we'll not only optimize your stops to make your deliveries as efficient as possible, we'll also generate drive times and estimated times of arrival (ETAs).

You can share your ETAs with your customers on a custom order tracking page or through delivery notifications. And if you don't feel comfortable sticking to precise times, you can use broader delivery windows to give your customers a range of hours in which to expect their deliveries.

🗓️ Route Scheduling

  • Plan Ahead: Plan and schedule routes using your delivery calendar.
  • Inform Customers: Share scheduled delivery dates and times with customers.
Route Scheduling

With our route scheduling features you can plan your routes ahead of time. Just select the date and time you'd like the routes to start and we'll apply accurate ETAs based on drive times to each stop in your route. You can choose to display this scheduled date and time on your customer's order tracking pages, or in their delivery notifications.

➕ Add Late Orders

  • Add Orders to Routes: Add any last-minute orders to routes you've already created.
  • Re-optimize: Reoptimize routes to account for new changes.
Last-Minute Orders

OAnd if you don't feel comfortable sticking to precise times, you can use broader delivery windows to give your customers a range of hours in which to expect their deliveries.

💸 Avoid Tolls

  • Save Money: No need to spend extra money on tolls if you don't want to.
  • Save Time: EasyRoutes will find you the next fastest way that won't cost you.
Avoid Tolls

EasyRoutes defaults to the fastest route possible to get your drivers from stop-to-stop and sometimes this may mean using a toll-road. If you don't want to spend the extra money, just check the "Avoid Tolls" option and we'll find you the next fastest way that won't cost you a cent.

⏳ Time Per Stop

  • Take Your Time: Set a time spent per stop, whether your stop takes a few seconds to a few hours.
  • Accurate ETAs: Increase the accuracy of your ETAs by setting how long you need at each stop.
Time Per Stop

Set the amount of time your driver will spend at each stop to better help with planning and generating accurate ETAs for both you and your customers. This is especially helpful for deliveries that require the driver to give extra instructions upon delivery or help with set up.

📦 Route Inventory

  • Generated Automatically: Every route you generate comes with an itemized inventory based on the item data from your Shopify orders.
  • Packing List: Use your inventory as a packing list to make sure you have everything before heading out to deliver.
Route Inventory

EasyRoutes doesn't just generate optimized local delivery routes, we also create itemized inventories for each route. You can use this as a checklist for packing so you and your drivers know you have everything you need before heading out.

When your driver opens a shared route in our EasyRoutes Delivery Driver mobile app, they can see the inventory there as well.

🔧 Route Editing Tools

  • Customizable Routes: Add, edit and re-order stops with ease in your route's Edit mode.
  • Add Last-Minute Orders: Add last-minute orders and reoptimize your routes with ease.
Route Editing Tools

The routes that EasyRoutes generates for you are already optimized for speed and efficiency. But we understand there are many cases where you may need to edit the route, so we've got a whole slew of tools to help. From the ability to add last-minute orders and re-optimize your routes to drag-and-drop stop re-ordering, editing local delivery routes has never been easier with our editing tools. Click the Edit button, make your changes, and Save them to apply.

📥 Bulk Order Import

  • Spreadsheet Import: Upload a spreadsheet (.CSV) of orders and add them to your routes.
  • Notify Customers: Add contact information and use EasyRoutes Notifications to send delivery updates.
Bulk Order Import

One of the things that makes EasyRoutes great is that you can create routes with any type of order. That includes orders from outside of Shopify! Just import them as a spreadsheet (.csv) and you can use those orders in EasyRoutes as well. You can even send delivery notifications using our EasyRoutes Notifications.

🏷️ Packing Slips & Labels

  • Customizable: Add your logo, customize the text and select what information to display.
  • Printed in Order: Print your packing slips and labels in the order of your delivery stops.
Packing Slips & Labels

EasyRoutes generates customizable packing slips and labels for each route and prints them in the order of your stops to better streamline your delivery workflow. You can add your store logo, customize any of the tet, and select exactly what information you want to include.

🔍 Search & Order Filters

  • Find the Orders You Need: Slice and dice your order data with Order Filters.
  • Save Filters Tabs: Save your filters as tabs to quickly access your queries in the future.
Search & Order Filters

EasyRoutes makes it easy to find the orders you need to deliver. There are multiple ways to do so: You can use our search box to live search the orders displayed below, or apply Order Filters to really dive down deep. Use Order Tags or delivery dates captured using other apps. Save your filters as tabs to quickly access the next time you are in EasyRoutes. You can even create delivery zones using our postal code filters and quickly generate routes for those custom areas.

🖨️ Printing Options

  • Save Paper: Customizable printing options allow you to print only the information you need.
  • App Integrations: Send your list of stops to other Shopify printing apps.
Printing Options

Not only does EasyRoutes save you time planning routes, you can also save paper as well! Use our powerful printing options to print only the information you need. We even have integrations with other Shopify Apps like Order Print and Order Printer Pro so you can send your list of stops to them for printing if you prefer.

🌐 Delivery Zones

  • Better area planning: Create and save delivery zones to help you better plan routes within those areas.
  • Re-use zones: Save your zones and re-use them everytime you come back into EasyRoutes.
Delivery Zones

Our Delivery Zones feature allows you to quickly create routes that service different areas for delivery. No matter how complex the shape, you can draw it on the map and use the delivery zone as a selection tool to work with the orders within or outside of that zone.

✨ Map Selection Tools

  • Select orders: Use our map tools to visually select and work with orders on the map.
  • Select by area: Draw a polygon on the map surrounding the orders you want to select at once.
✨ Map Selection Tools

Use our map selection tools to visually plan your routes. You can select multiple orders one at a time or draw a polygon around the group of orders you want to select. Once selected you can keep only those orders, or discard them and keep the rest. After creating routes, use the map selection tools to move stops from one route to another or remove them all together.

📅 Delivery Dates

  • Plan routes by date and time:Use the times and dates you collect from customers to plan your local delivery routes.
  • Integrated with your apps: Use the delivery dates and times you collect with your favourite date picker apps.
Delivery Dates

EasyRoutes is seamlessly integrated with the rest of Shopify, which means you can plan your deliveries using data from other third-party Shopify Apps like your favorite date picker. Learn more about our integrations with other Shopify apps here.

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