EasyRoutes by Roundtrip - Delivery management for Shopify

Run local deliveries with ease from within Shopify

Optimize routes, assign drivers, and keep your customers informed with customizable tracking pages and delivery notifications, all from within your Shopify admin panel. EasyRoutes gives you full control over your delivery workflow.

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Optimize routes in seconds with our built-in planner

Our Shopify route planner app makes it easy for you to plan, schedule and assign optimized routes - all from within the Shopify store admin.

EasyRoutes Delivery Driver App for iOS and Android
Manage deliveries on-the-go with our driver app

Head out to deliver with the help of our mobile app, EasyRoutes Delivery Driver for iOS and Android. It guides drivers through their route for a seamless delivery experience.

Email and SMS Delivery Notifications
Transparent delivery experience with SMS/Email notifications

Our SMS and email notifications feature allows you to send event-based delivery updates, giving your customers transparency and peace of mind throughout the delivery process.

Customizable Order Tracking Pages
Provide real-time order updates with order tracking pages

Create and customize your own order tracking pages with our app, to give your customers real-time updates and ensure a cohesive brand experience throughout the delivery process.

5-Star Reviews
2x Shopify Staff Pick
"The best routing app for Shopify merchants."
- Official Shopify Retail Blog
Step 1: Select Orders

Pick the orders you want to turn into optimized delivery routes.

Step 2: Review/Edit Routes

Review and make any changes you need to your routes.

Step 3: Share with Driver

Head out to deliver using our EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app for IOS and Android.

Seamless integration with Shopify and your orders

EasyRoutes is built to work seamlessly with your Shopify orders, tags, products, customers, apps, and shipping information.

With EasyRoutes, you can easily access all the information you need to plan and route Shopify orders directly from your admin. Click on EasyRoutes in your Shopify sidebar and you'll find your orders displayed, complete with customer information, order items, order tags, and shipping information. Just select the orders you want to deliver and start creating routes in seconds!

Natively integrated with Shopify and your orders

Packed with features to make route planning a breeze

Packed with features to make route planning a snap

From route planning and driver apps to order tracking and notifications — do it all in EasyRoutes without leaving Shopify.

EasyRoutes by Roundtrip has all the features and functionality you need to become a great last-mile delivery business. Save hours planning and optimizing your routes. Craft the perfect delivery experiecne for your customers. Put deliveries on easy-mode for your drivers.

Deliver with confidence using our driver app

Our iOS and Android delivery driver apps puts all the tools your driver needs right at their fingertips.

Put your deliveries on easy-mode with our companion driver apps for EasyRoutes. Dispatch a route to your driver and they can open it in our app to view and navigate their list of stops. Include important delivery notes. Capture proof of delivery for peace of mind. When orders are marked as delivered, the order status is automaticalled synced back to Shopify.

Put deliveries on easy-mode for your drivers

Keep customers informed every step of the way

Dazzle customers with an amazing delivery experience

Keep customers up-to-date on the status of their deliveries with with order tracking pages and delivery notifications.

From custom order tracking pages to bespoke SMS and email delivery notifications, EasyRoutes lets you craft the perfect delivery experience for your customers. Add your logo, colours and voice by customizing all of the text. Show a proof of delivery photo to show their deliveries have arrived.

Get the same delivery superpowers the big guys have ⚡

Save hours planning 🕒

Save hours planning 🕒

Our app is fully integrated and synced with your orders on Shopify. Generate multiple optimized routes straight from your orders in seconds.

Share routes with drivers 🚗

Share routes with drivers 🚗

Use our native driver apps to get directions, attach proof of delivery, and mark orders as delivered — all in sync with your Shopify orders.

Notify customers 🥰

Notify customers 🥰

Attach customizable tracking links to your Shopify orders and keep your customers informed every step of the way with delivery notifications.

Can I plan routes and deliver any of my Shopify orders on EasyRoutes?

EasyRoutes is designed to let you plan routes for any Shopify order in your system, not just your Shopify “Local Delivery” orders. So whether it's someone checking out from your storefront, or your POS, or it's from a draft order, you can use those orders for route planning, as long as they have a shipping address.

You can also route orders without a shipping address (e.g. Shopify Local Pickup orders) to EasyRoutes once you add a shipping address to those orders. We also support importing orders in a few ways. Learn more about how to plan a route here.

How do I deliver orders generated by subscription apps like Bold Subscriptions or Recharge?

As soon as your subscription app generates the order in Shopify for an upcoming order, it can be routed in EasyRoutes. Our app is designed to let you plan routes with any type of order you may have in Shopify. Learn more about how to plan a route here.

Do you have mobile apps for EasyRoutes?

Yes! We offer EasyRoutes Delivery Driver on iOS and on Android. Your drivers can open any route that you share with them using these apps.

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How can I share the ETA and Proof of Delivery for an order to a customer?

EasyRoutes provides tracking numbers and links your customers can use to keep track of their delivery status. This tracking link is provided when we create a fulfillment on your order.

Got a tracking number? Click here to check your delivery status.

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