EasyRoutes by Roundtrip - Local Delivery Management for Shopify

Run a local delivery service from inside your Shopify admin

Plan local deliveries, manage your drivers, and keep customers in the loop with customizable order tracking pages and delivery notifications — all without leaving your Shopify store admin.

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Route Planner and Optimizer

In seconds you can create optimized routes with route inventories, schedule routes and assign them to drivers… all without leaving your Shopify Admin.

EasyRoutes Delivery Driver App for iOS and Android
Mobile Driver App

EasyRoutes Delivery Driver for iOS and Android guides delivery drivers through their route.

Email and SMS Delivery Notifications
SMS/Email Notifications

Create event-based delivery notifications to keep customers informed.

Customizable Order Tracking Pages
Order Tracking Pages

Create and customize the perfect order tracking page to match your store brand.

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How it works

Step 1: Select Orders

Pick the orders you want to turn into optimized delivery routes.

Step 2: Review/Edit Routes

Review and make any changes you need to your routes.

Step 3: Share with Driver

Head out to deliver using our EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app for IOS and Android.

Select the orders you want to route ✅

EasyRoutes Local Delivery for Shopify

EasyRoutes by Roundtrip is seamlessly integrated with Shopify and your orders. This means that as soon as you open up our app you will see your orders on the Select Orders screen (no more having to deal with annoying spreadsheets anymore!).

Configure your route options and use filters, tags, and search to find the orders you want to deliver. Click the Add Orders to Route button to add your selection to your route staging area.

When you have selected all the orders you need, click the Create New Route(s) button and EasyRoutes will optimize your addresses and output your optimized routes complete with maps, list of stops and route inventories.

Did a last minute order just come in? Click the Send to Another Route button to add it to a route you've already created.

Review/edit your optimized routes ✏️

Once you have created your routes, you are good to go. It's already been optimized to be the fastest routes possible!

However, we do know that sometimes you need to make your own changes, so EasyRoutes has a full suite of edit tools that makes this easy. Click the Edit button on a route to go into Edit mode. Here you can add custom stops from outside of Shopify, edit stop addresses and stop times, rearrange stops by dragging and dropping, and even split your orders off into another route.

Once you're happy with your route, click the Save button and you're ready to deliver.

Share your routes with your drivers 📦

Give your drivers the tools they need to succeed

When you are happy with your route, assign it to a driver and click the Fulfill & Deliver button to fulfill your orders and share the route with a driver who can open the route in our EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app for IOS and Android.

Our driver app puts a number of commonly used tools right at your driver's fingertips. They can navigate to their stops, see any important notes, attach proof of delivery and update order statues from the road. And because EasyRoutes is seamlessly integrated with Shopify, your orders are updated in your store's backend instantly.

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Keep your customers informed every step of the way 🥰

Give your customers a tracking link with up-to-the-second information about their order's delivery status. You can customize this page with your store logo, a time window when they can expect their delivery, and you can even let them know how many stops away they are on the driver's route. EasyRoutes also provide timely delivery notifications (Email/SMS) to your customers so they will never be left in the dark.

EasyRoutes Customer Tracking

Get the same delivery superpowers the big guys have ⚡

Save hours planning 🕒

Save hours planning 🕒

Our app is fully integrated and synced with your orders on Shopify. Generate multiple optimized routes straight from your orders in seconds.

Share routes with drivers 🚗

Share routes with drivers 🚗

Use our native driver apps to get directions, attach proof of delivery, and mark orders as delivered — all in sync with your Shopify orders.

Notify customers 🥰

Notify customers 🥰

Attach customizable tracking links to your Shopify orders and keep your customers informed every step of the way with delivery notifications.

How is EasyRoutes by Roundtrip different to Shopify's Local Delivery app?

Shopify Local Delivery provides a barebones route planner and driver app. We built EasyRoutes EasyRoutes to help you where Shopify Local Delivery cannot (e.g. add custom stops, fix bad addresses, deliver pickup orders) all using the same app! You can use EasyRoutes to plan routes for multiple drivers automatically and share tracking links with proof of delivery photos to your customer. You can learn more about all of our features here!

Can I plan routes and deliver any of my Shopify orders on EasyRoutes?

EasyRoutes is designed to let you plan routes for any Shopify order in your system, not just your Shopify “Local Delivery” orders. So whether it's someone checking out from your storefront, or your POS, or it's from a draft order, you can use those orders for route planning, as long as they have a shipping address.

You can also route orders without a shipping address (e.g. Shopify Local Pickup orders) to EasyRoutes once you add a shipping address to those orders. We also support importing orders in a few ways. Learn more about how to plan a route here.

How do I deliver orders generated by subscription apps like Bold Subscriptions or Recharge?

As soon as your subscription app generates the order in Shopify for an upcoming order, it can be routed in EasyRoutes. Our app is designed to let you plan routes with any type of order you may have in Shopify. Learn more about how to plan a route here.

Do you have mobile apps for EasyRoutes?

Yes! We offer EasyRoutes Delivery Driver on iOS and on Android. Your drivers can open any route that you share with them using these apps.

Get EasyRoutes Delivery Driver on the Apple App Store Get EasyRoutes Delivery Driver on the Play Store
How can I share the ETA and Proof of Delivery for an order to a customer?

EasyRoutes provides tracking numbers and links your customers can use to keep track of their delivery status. This tracking link is provided when we create a fulfillment on your order.

Got a tracking number? Click here to check your delivery status.

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