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We help businesses around the world deliver better in the last-mile to delight their customers πŸ’Œ

Roundtrip gives you delivery superpowers to run better delivery businesses and to provide delivery experiences that customers expect, all within Shopify.

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Run your deliveries with the same tools as the big guys

πŸ› οΈ Route Optimization
πŸ•’ Deliviery Timeslots
πŸ“± Driver Apps

πŸ“ Customer Tracking
βœ‰οΈ Delivery Notifications
⏱️ Drivetimes and ETAs

🧾 Packing Lists
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Deliver in the last-mile like Amazon and DoorDash

Despite the growth in demand for delivered goods and for supporting local commerce, most last-mile deliveries are made using outdated tools and give customers a lousy experience. Digital-native businesses know that customers expect more. When customers buy online, they expect the delivery experience to be as good as the ones they get from technology giants like Amazon or DoorDash.

A bad delivery experience can mean a bad review for your business. So what if you could manage your deliveries more efficiently and give better tools to your drivers or couriers? What if you could manage your own deliveries with the same ease as your Shopify storefront?

That's why we built EasyRoutes: to make delivering on Shopify easy and to empower small businesses with the same tools the big guys have to plan and execute their deliveries, all while delighting customers at the same time.

Running a delivery business is easier than ever

First, you need to run your business on a modern e-commerce platform (Roundtrip currently works on Shopify). Then, we give you the same tools as the big guys to plan your own deliveries so that you can plan in minutes instead of hours:


A powerful route planner with every feature you need to help your business with your unique requirements.


Full integration with your orders. No more having to mess around with spreadsheets or rectifying orders.

Then you need tools that help you manage your drivers and your deliveries β€” no more errors:


An easy-to-use driver app β€” fully-integrated with your orders β€” all updates are synced to your store.


All the information and instructions your drivers need to help deliver to every stop effectively.

Then you need to be able to keep customers informed:


A customizable tracking link that keeps your customers informed every step of the way.


Notifications that tell them that their orders are ready, on the way, and delivered.

Our Values

Customers First

We must understand our customers first before we can solve their problems. We believe in customer feedback and building what our customers need.

Bias For Action

We value speed. We choose action over deliberation. We believe in continuous improvement, in shipping often and in interating upon what we've shipped.

Be Open and Kind

We value trust and build it by communicating openly, listening intently, by working towards the best outcome, and by acting consistently with kindness.

The Roundtrip Team

Our Story

After spending a decade building the experiences and software standards that help power some of your favourite internet browsers and mobile apps, we started Roundtrip in 2019 with the goal of working on software infrastructure to help cities understand and manage how people and goods move through their streets.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 and cities ground to a halt, we refocused our efforts to help local merchants manage their local and last-mile deliveries by themselves.

We started small, iterated often, and learned a lot from listening to our customers β€” it was important to us to understand the challenges merchants faced rebuilding their businesses during the pandemic. After thousands of conversations and updates, our apps have grown alongside our customers, receiving rave reviews and serving as Staff Picks in the Shopify App Store.

Since starting, we’ve worked with merchants and drivers from all across the globe and have processed millions of orders. We've already helped thousands of merchants adapt their businesses to the new world, allowing them to delight their customers with streamlined delivery operations. And now we continue with our journey building delivery superpowers for our customers.

Real Customer Stories

Read how some of our customers are using Roundtrip software to run their delivery businesses on Shopify.

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